Exactag Opt Out: Personal Information Removal Guide 2024

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  • 12 February 2024
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There were over 2.9 million scam reports in 2021. Leaving your data in public places and data brokers like Exactag puts you at risk of being scammed or having your identity stolen. 

You can prevent falling victim to cybercrimes by opting out and removing your data from data brokers and other online platforms. We created this article to help you opt out of Exactag and safeguard your digital privacy

Key Takeaways

  • Exactag is one of the leading services in marketing attribution, which helps in improving both online as well as offline promotions, detecting synergy partners, and assigning funds for their activities.
  • To render such a service, it collects information acquired from public domains.
  • Exactag also provides a way of eliminating your personal information in order to secure your online identity.
  • Opting out can be done directly using Exactag’s platform and/or through the automated PurePrivacy mechanism.
  • PurePrivacy’s platform gives users more authority and control of their virtual identity. Security is enhanced for data breach purposes.

What is Exactag?

The marketing analytics platform Exactag helps create meaningful feedback and optimize marketing plans. It also assists businesses in understanding how different touch-points affect conversion.

It is a marketing attribution technology company that changes how companies spend on advertising in terms of analytics, advertising, and marketing automation. Jörn Grunert established it in 2010.

All they do revolves around your personal information. Your data is the driving force for their operations, and this poses privacy threats to you. 

How Exactag Collects Your Personal Information

Exactag harnesses information from diverse sources to measure the effect of touchpoints on client conversions. Here's an insight into some of these avenues:

Online Platforms

Exactag acquires data about users' activities, preferences, and other pertinent details through online platforms and catalogs.

Online Forms and Surveys

Online forms, as well as surveys, become handy tools for Exactag in accumulating data, which might consist of individual demographics such as age or gender along with interests and contact specifics.

Public Sources

Publicly accessible databases encompassing court archives, census statistics and governmental records act like channels for Exactag pulling individuals’ comprehensive intel.

Social Media

Making use of vast user-shared input across social media platforms ranging from Facebook through Twitter up to LinkedIn allows Exactag info stream building exploits via profiles, posts, and comments.

Tracking Pixels and Cookies

Details about browsing habits coupled with Specific preference levels are collected by deploying tracking pixels supplemented by cookies within websites.

Other Data Brokers

Vital Info is drawn out from varying agencies dealing majorly involving the data brokering sector enabling detailed profiling fulfillment about distinct personals.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Exactag has partnerships with different playmakers, notably involving HubSpot and Cybot platforms, making it easy to collect data for integration into its database.

How Exactag Uses Your Personal Information

Exactag provides its services using the information gained about the people. These services include:

Attribution Modeling

Exactag collects this data to analyze the various marketing channels driving sales and conversions. As such, it can ascribe worthiness to various customer touch points.


It facilitates customized marketing experiences using the obtained details, which are drawn from records of user preferences.

Cross-Channel Insights

Exactag uses the acquired data to guide how different market channels relate.

Product Development

Exactag collects data on various aspects of its target markets, such as general market trends, customer tastes and preferences, and new inventions that can improve service delivery. Thus, it contributes to its product development drives.

Targeted Marketing

Exactag employs this gathered information to ensure that it avails tailor-made offers that meet its customers’ needs and likes.

Why is Opting Out of Exactag Important?

Your personal information should be yours only and not for everyone to access. But it seems data brokers like Exactag don’t understand that. 

If you don’t opt out, these entities will continue to make a fortune off it. Opting out is your express ticket to digital privacy and protecting your data from scammers and identity thieves

How to Opt Out and Remove Your Data from Exactag

You can opt out of Exactag and take control of your digital privacy with these two methods:

Method 1: The Basic Exactag Opt-Out Procedure (manual).

Zap away all traces associated with yourself in its data pool via its platform. A comprehensive step-by-step plan on how to do so includes:

Step 1: Go to the Exactag webpage.

  • Go to the contact page.

You can ask them to remove your data from this contact form. 

However, it is not the ideal opt-out method for the platform. The recommended opt-out method is via email.

Step 2:  Contact Exactag via email

  • Send a mail to [email protected].
  • Indicate in your full name and email that you want your information deleted.

Exactag will respond to your email upon receipt. Your information will then be deleted from its database.

Method 2: PurePrivacy: Streamlined Opt-out for Enhanced Online Privacy

Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

You can bid farewell to the lengthy and tedious process of opting out of data brokers like Exactag, thanks to PurePrivacy. 

PurePrivacy gives one the opportunity to opt out of Exactag automatically, saving you time and energy involved in the manual opt-out process. Here’s how PurePrivacy helps you:

Social Media Privacy

You can bid farewell to sharing sensitive information on your social media pages without knowing. PurePrivacy will analyze your social media accounts and recommend the best settings to protect your data and privacy. 

Opt-Out of Multiple Data Brokers

With PurePrivacy, you can remove your personal information from Exactag and dozens of other data brokers at the same time. You can do this with just a few clicks. PurePrivacy will monitor all the data brokers until they remove your data from their databases.

Steps to Opt-Out Using PurePrivacy

  • From web app:

    ● Visit the PurePrivacy website.

    ● Sign up to PurePrivacy.

    ● Create your profile.

    ● Provide us your consent.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

    From Mobile App (Android & IOS):

    ● Launch PurePrivacy mobile app.

    ● Signup or Login to your account.

    ● Enter Details to create your profile.

    ● Allow us your express authorization to start the opt out process.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

Manual Opt-Out Vs. PurePrivacy

Manual Opt-Out Method

  • Requires you to send an email
  • You might have to send multiple emails before your data is removed
  • Complete removal of your data is not guaranteed
  • You will be required to verify your identity, meaning you have to send more personal information


  • Automatically removes your data from Entelo
  • Contacts and monitors all data brokers with your data until they remove it
  • Does not require your input
  • Complete deletion of your data is guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I trust Exactag with my personal information?


    Trusting Exactag with your personal information is like leaving a lion and a goat in the same room. You know what will happen next. Your data is unsafe with Exactag, and they don’t care about the dangers associated with your data falling into the wrong hands.

  • Is Exactag legit?


    Exactag is legit, and most of its data collection methods are legal. You can only protect yourself by opting out and removing your data.

  • How can I remove my information from Exactag?


    You can opt out manually by visiting its website and sending an email to [email protected]. PurePrivacy is another easy and streamlined tool you can use to request the removal of your data from Exactag.

  • How long will it take for my opt-out request to be processed?


    Exactag will get rid of your information about thirty days after they receive your opt-out request and will erase it from their database.

  • How can I contact Exactag with questions about my privacy?


    You can contact them for any privacy concerns through a request to be sent to their email address, [email protected].

  • Simplify your online presence today

    With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!

Take Control of Your Privacy

You should opt out of Exactag and other data brokers if you don’t want to fall victim to scams or identity theft. Cybercriminals easily attack such platforms and steal people’s data. The quickest, fastest, and most convenient way to remove your data is by using solutions like PurePrivacy. It will opt you out of all data brokers and protect your digital privacy.

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